Seamless transfer steps

I want to upload and check my site on DreamHost before pointing nameservers.

I’ve read through posts on the forum referencing this, as well as the kbase article here. Just want to make sure I’ve got this right…

  1. Create a subdomain ( as fully hosted.

  2. Once this is active, ftp to and upload files there.

  3. Edit main domain ( to mirror

Is this correct? Or should I be uploading the files to and pointing instead?

It’s easier in the long run to have mirroring the actual domain name rather than the other way around. It doesn’t matter that the real domain isn’t pointing here yet, the mirroring will work just fine.

The best way to set up a seemless transfer is if you already have an existing fully hosted domain with dreamhost.
That is, one that is already set up & viewable from the web.

Seamless transfer steps:

  1. Add a new domain to your account
  2. create mailboxes and addresses for your domain (so you don’t miss your emails once you transfer)
  3. to connect via FTP like this:

host: <-- a working “fully hosted” domain on your DH plan
directory: <-- the name of the new website
username: yourusername
password: yourpassword

  1. When you are ready point your DNS to DH, your site will be ready to go.

It’s a crazy workaround… but it works.

Hope that helps…