hey… if and when i hoin up for DH, will u be able to help me install some scripts?

At these prices? No. A hosting company that provides that level of hand-holding should charge ten times as much, or perhaps even more.

I can’t find the terms of service anyplace, but at one time, it said that by signing up for service, you acknowledged that it takes certain knowledge and skills to use a web hosting service, and that you were asserting that you had those skills. Dreamhost techies tend to do more than they are supposed to, but one wants to be careful not to ask for too much. There’s the story about the pitcher that made one too many trips to the well…

Actually, installing routine scripts is something you can easily learn to do for yourself. Get a copy of ActiveState Perl (it’s free) and install it on your PC so you can check the script for the syntax errors you generate while customizing the script. Upload the script in ASCII mode (or edit it in UNIX mode). Set the permissions on scripts to 755 and on data files to 644. That’s about all there is to it.

If you aren’t capable of handling that, hire someone to install the scripts for you. It should cost about $35 to install the average script.

What deke said is definitely true, but I also wanted to add that generally we do try a little bit harder than the average host to get a script working for somebody. Of course, you’ve got to try and get it up yourself, but if you write in and we see it’s something as simple as a permissions problem or uploading in the wrong format, we’ll generally go ahead and fix it for you! It’s just faster and easier for everybody!


And don’t forget that Dreamhost already have a small number of commonly-used scripts available for you! Guestbook, Formail to name a few :slight_smile:


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And one other thing worth adding is that if you’re having trouble and post a question in these forums, there’s usually someone else willing to chip in a bit of assistance, especially if they installed the same script as you’re trying to.

What Josh said is quite true, and it’s one of the things I love most about DH - they are a LOT more helpful than most hosts when it comes to dealing with CGI scripts. I can’t count the number of times I’ve pestered them for help with scripts I’ve installed, and they’ve generally been very helpful. Most other hosts I’ve ever dealt reply to any questions about user-installed CGI scripts by saying that it’s not their problem. DH are the ONLY one I’ve found that is consistently helpful with that sort of thing.