ScriptAlias Alternatives?

I am trying to set up a Ruby Camping app at Dreamhost.

(Camping is _why’s microframework; it can be found here:

Anyway, the normal way to achieve “clean URLs” with Camping is to use
ScriptAlias. That is, an app at /dev/my_app/dispatch.fcgi can be set
up with the following directive:

ScriptAlias /my_app /dev/my_app/dispatch.fcgi/

Camping doesn’t act like Rails. Trying to get the same effect with
mod_rewrite works if /my_app/foo/bar gets requested, but as soon as
the rewritten URLs hit Camping (/dev/my_app/dispatch.fcgi/foo/bar),
all of the links generated by Camping get generated that way. That
is, Camping’s links will be of the form
/dev/my_app/dispatch.fcgi/foo/bar rather than /my_app/foo/bar.

So here’s my problem: As Dreamhost users, we get gorgeous access to
.htaccess overrides. However, to the best of my knowledge,
ScriptAlias is only valid in server & virtual host config, not

So here’s my question: Do Dreamhost users have cgi-bin directories at all? Is
there any way to configure them through the panel? If I had a
cgi-bin directory, I could just do some symlink voodoo and things
would probably work out. What can I do?

Can anyone finally solve this problem? I need this too!

Hey dude, I figured it out. If you e-mail Dreamhost support, they’ll set up a ScriptAlias for you!