Script works on one domain, not the other



I’m using Dynamic Drive’s Local Time DHTML script on one of my pages. It works fine using SSI.

I uploaded the page to another domain on my account, and the same script fails (I get “NaN” instead of numbers for hours, seconds, minutes…etc.).

No part of the script contains a path that needs to be changed to reflect the new location.

The SSI on the new domain is actively working (there are other elements on the page that use SSI, and they are working fine).

I can’t figure out what could be causing the exact same script to fail on one domain when it works fine on another.


That does sound like a mystery … can you share links to the working (and non working) example?



Thanks for your reply.

The folks at Dreamhost said that the working domain was running on Apache 1.3, but the non-working domain was on Apache 2. I asked them to switch it to Apache 1.3, and they said they did.

It took a few hours for everything to click, but it just started working a few minutes ago.


I’m glad to hear that you have it working now. :slight_smile:



Given the improvements of Apache2 over Apache1.3, and what I suspect is a reasonably straight-forward script based on it’s name, I suggest you reconsider.

I don’t know what your Local Time script does, but I suspect it deals with calculating local time based on doing some date math on whatever date is returned by the server. If this is the case, you might think about searching for a script that supports Apache2 or possibly even asking for help from users of this forum. They’re all extremely helpful in situations similar to yours.