Script that googles and outputs results as HTML?

Hi all -

I’d like to make a script that runs the same google search query every hour and publishes the results to a webpage as html, automatically (so the page would be automatically updated every hour).

Ideally the script would run the search and update the page with the number of terms found, as well as the first, say, 5 results.

I’m not a programmer, but what requirements would the server need to have (could it be done here on DH?), and what resources (languages/tools) could you recommend to do it as easily as possible? Any websites or forums you could suggest? (or better – existing scripts I can just re-use!).



Here’s the Google search API you’d want to use for this:

If you wanted, you could probably write the whole thing in JavaScript, and you wouldn’t have to do any server-side programming at all. You could also write it to run on the server using PHP or something, but that’ll actually be a little bit harder (because the API’s designed for JavaScript use).

Either way, it’d all definitely be possible to do here on DreamHost. Start coding! :slight_smile: