Script Requirements

Hello. I am going to make an rather pricey investment by licensing some web based software.

Can you confirm that Dreamhost meets the requirements?

PHP 4.1 (with GD and session enabled)
Zend Optimizer v.2.5.3

Or, is there a place where Dreamhost lists this type of thing?

Thanks so much!

Wow, that is pricy…

Dreamhost has GD/session and runs PHP 4.4.1 and 5.x as CGI
with Zend Optimizer 2.6.2.

So it should work.

Have you looked at Gallery 2, its free and I think it has some rudimentary support for image sales…

I just brought up an installation of Gallery2, and I think it’s great. It’s most definitely targeted at community photo albums, rather than commercial use. It’s got a shopping cart to hold selected pictures, and users can then submit the images to a third party (i.e. Shutterfly), where prints are made and sent to the buyer. The prices are reasonable, but I haven’t seen anywhere that you could modify them to make a cut.

I’ve only got one image in there, but you can poke around and check out the cart, and the Shutterfly connector if you’re curious. Here’s the link:

holy crap, pangea33 is right, check out gallery2 before spending a boatload of money for something that can be done for free. If you want to look at other things besides gallery2 you can go to They have a live demo section and it lists a few different image galleries.

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