Script Installations -->

Would Dreamhost help with script installations like this;

My programmer’s out of commission for a couple weeks and I am just a clueless designer. I tried to fill out the info and got an error message.

Thank you

we don’t generally do installations for customers, but support is usually happy to help if you’re having a specific problem (or two).

much of the information they’re requesting is stuff that you can find out in the kbase (or that you’ll find out in the process of setting up your database and the script).

I signed up yesterday and set up a data base. I filled in all that info but have no clue about paths and stuff.

This assumes that your domain directory is:
/home/you/ (where ‘you’ is your username and ‘’ is your domain).

CGI path:
(doesn’t matter as long as the directory existsi).
I’d put:


Page Path:
(if you want it in the base directory, just put ‘’).

Page URL:
(same as above)

Path to perl:

Thanks Will,

I’ll go try that.