Script displaying is not what is uploaded?


the short of it here is a small snippet of one of my pages scripts:


Business Forms


this is what is presented when the page loads:


Business Forms


I can NOT figure out why/where these code changes are coming from.
I was hoping someone might have an idea?


What application are you using to write this script?


dreamweaver, but only as an assist, and I upload through there. all my code is hand written, I don’t really use any dreamweaver shortcuts.

I downloaded the php page through the ftp after uploading to check, and it matches my original code.
it seems like the rearranging/adding to my code is being done on page load.
I just need to figure out where/why so that I can fix it. It appears to be “cleaning” my code. I know it’s not perfect code, but it generally passes W3 verification, well, used to. I have to admit that I haven’t kept up on the coding shifts in the last few years focusing on other projects, so my coding styles may be outdated…
most notably, it appears that using tags like
is no longer really “supported”?? I’ll have to look into that.
ok… I feel a bit dinosaur like…
So it looks like my coding syntax is so ancient that the browsers are automatically correcting for me, and this is probably what is causing the issues…

bugger, really am not looking forward to cleaning up all my sites. will be a good refresher though before I get back into it.

Please though, if I have this wrong, and there is something else causing the problem, let me know.

Thank you!