I just found out that for some reason, Dreamhost moved all mysql databases from the shared server into a vps, and now wants lots of $$$ from me.
This was just after I paid them for another 2 years!!!


Could you explain?


Okay I’ve had an account with Dreamhost for over 4 years now, and it seems that one of the databases had grown to be rather heavy in usage.

Now, it seems that Justin emailed me a week ago and I missed it, but he moved my databases to a VPS because of the heavy usage of 1 database. I now see that dreamhost wants to charge me 115/month. Since I was providing a free service with no ads or other net benefit to me (and I can get a full server for less than that) I found this message somewhat alarming. I took the whole site down today, and just have a message that says
[align=center]Taken offline because Dreamhost says it’s too resource intensive…so much for “unlimited”.
I realize that I have been using a shared server, and I appreciate that the costs have be reasonable, and I like a lot of what dreamhost offers, but how can I feel safe about putting up something when it might be flipped over to a more expensive package at any time?

Frankly I am fine with shutting the whole site down, at least until I can get around to configuring a better solution, but it’s all disappointing.

I think what really gets me, is that this site has been around for a couple of years, and I’ve applied every tweak and disabled many features, all to keep the resource usage as low as possible, but the size of the database appears to have reached the breaking point for a shared server at dreamhost, so I have to see what other options make sense.

Sadly I was just talking to people about how much better dreamhost was than their hosting solution, but you can see that I would be happier eating paper than this situation.

In any case, I might not be screwed, but I have taken down my offensive site so I won’t be charged $115/month just for the MySql hosting.

Hopefully dreamhost will put it all back now, but it’s quite a pain.


Hmm, are you sure it’s not 115/year? DH only charges 9.95/month for a VPS database (, so maybe there was a bit of miscommunication there?

Just how big are your databases and what sort of loads are they generating (

Unlimited is subject to fair use, which really means that there are limits (go figure!), but no one can really comment on your situation, if that’s what you’re looking for, without the specifics. If your DB is 100 MB and 10Mcn / cycle, then I’d say that DH is being ridiculous, but if you’re going over 1-2 GB in size and millions of queries per day, then it’s hard to really complain considering that you’d be paying 100x more if you were using a host that actually changes you for what you use, such as

Also, a week’s notice is pretty good. I wonder how many hosts would have even given 24 hours notice.

Anyway, I’m not defending DH, just playing the devil’s advocate to show why more details are needed.

You might also try posting some details of your site & DB to see if anyone has ideas for optimising or saving space.


I don’t think it is fair for DH to charge you for this move. You were informed a week in advance. That was appreciated. But it is not fair for DH to move the database without your approval. It is even worse for DH to charge you for this. I am not sure whether this is mentioned in their T&C.

I’ll suggest you to submit a ticket to DH support. Explain everything and I am sure they will come out a good fair solution.

I personally like DH support. They are very nice to their customers.


In general, I agree, but personally I need more details before coming to a conclusion. I suspect that the move was made to preserve stability to the shared server and OP was offered a VPS SQL server for 115/year which OP can decline, but that would mean that OP would need to reduce the impact of the DB on the shared system…


Or perhaps a VPS that is sized at 2300MB, which appear to be about the middle of the scale when you play with the slider Whether the VPS needs to be sized at 2300mb is what I think the real issue is.

My understanding here is that if someone purchases a VPS to run as their webserver they also need shared hosting at $9.95 per month to use the shared MySQL servers, and without shared hosting they wouldn’t have access to shared MySQL. The next step up would be 2 VPS’s one to operate at the webserver and one to operate as dedicated MySQL.

I agree however that more information about the OP’s situation is needed, apparently he has a site that doesn’t generate enough web traffic to warrant moving the site off a shared server, but does generate enough database load to warrant moving the MySQL to a private VPS space. This seems to be reverse of the normal scenario.

I don’t know what my position is on the subject of dreamhost making this move without the customers explicit consent. On the one hand they do have to duty to protect the other customers using a shared resource. On the other hand reaching directly into someones wallet and taking money out isn’t right. We also really don’t know for sure what the email from support that the OP missed said. Maybe this VPS statement "Choose your guaranteed server resources… then re-adjust on-the-fly: PLUS your first week is free! applies which means the customer does have an additional week before being charged. I suppose in the case of an unresponsive customer that operates a trafficked successful site, it would be better to follow this path, thus keeping the site online (if in fact a free week exists) than darkening the site to get the customers attention.


I’m pretty sure you can have a shared hosting account but upgrade the database only to VPS. I think andrewf mentioned that when I posted a question about database connection and query times. I assumed that’s what the OP was offered/pushed onto, but we’re all just making assumptions on incomplete knowledge. Hopefully OP can fill in more details.


This is no longer the case, actually — we’ve recently changed our policy such that simply having a (web) VPS is sufficient to get you access to shared MySQL database servers. There’s no longer a need to have a shared hosting account as well unless you also want to use shared web servers.


So is the table here: out of date?


Yes, it is.


Here’s the thing, before they started with the VPS push, they would take a database offline and just leave it that way, now they move all the databases to VPS, and you have to deal with that.
I can get a dedicated server for 50/month that has more than enough resources to do what I want it to. I can get a shared hosted account somewhere else for 3.50/mo that is supposedly unlimited like dreamhost, up until now (e.g. 4 years) I have been happy with Dreamhost and their support but shoving VPS down my throat is really making me want to vomit.[hr]
Hmmm…Guess I’ve been with Dreamhost for 6 years, not 4. Well, I do appreciate them making me take a hard look at the options.


Yeah, but read their ToS. DreamHost was the first and only host I have ever used, but I have looked into others, and continue to do so just out of curiosity or when DH has an outage. I even started making a database to compare resource limits and will eventually make it available online.

If you look carefully, every has fair use clauses, but some are more fair than others. Some are downright draconian. I remember reading on ToS that stated something along the lines of: ‘if any script executes for more than thirty seconds, your account will be revoked and you will not get a refund’.

Also, all of those cheapo prices are introductory prices. There are very few that actually chareg 3.50/month after the first year, and those that do have restrictions such as only one domain name or database, etc.

I’m not saying don’t look, but do look carefully. If you find something better, please let me know. I’d be interested to see how it stacks up when the resource limits are considered.


I agree that Dreamhost is fairly reliable, and I also realize that I put a strain on their server. I just want to point out that this strain has being growing steadily for the last 6 years. While I think that a VPS made more sense for me (and probably anyone who actually thinks that “unlimited” means anything near, I am just saying). I think Dreamhost would do better putting every MySql instance on their own VPS and giving them the first 300megs of memory free per month. But then again, that’s if you accumulate gigabytes of data from your active web site, not if you have a store, which you can get elsewhere for free.
I must say I am disappointed with the performance of MySql if my one (relatively) tiny db has caused so much pain to the server. I know that some commercial business rely on MySql, but I don’t see how with what Dreamhost is telling me.
I just don’t want to get charged more money from Dreamhost each month, especially since I am -paid up for a while.[hr]
Okay there needs to be some clarification on what the VPS cost is!
I mean Dreamhost has a page that says

[quote]$9.95 /Month Additional
(shared hosting required)[/quote]
for the VPS, and it seems to me that Dreamhost would do better by pushing VPS’s for everyone, rather than the shared hosting.
I do think it’s funny to see how people push that their terms of service cover the 2/3 standard deviation, or even 99% of their users, when most web sites see less traffic than a facebook page will.
I am still unsure what Deamhost is going to do with me and the whole “VPS” thing, as the 2 hours that I will get billed for (who knows it might be more in the future) is kinda scary, since I did not set that level, but apparently since I wasn’t watching my emails from Dreamhost (working on other things, living life, not keeping up with that) I will take the hit. I am not happy about it, I don’t know what (if any) amount it will really be as the numbers seem to be different from one page to the next.