Screwed up phpBB update PLEASE help

It hasn’t gone well, I thought I had been so careful, but I forgot to add the contrib file. I ran the update_to_latest and it said all was fine, but will not show the Admin panel, just keeps saying “ensure the install and contrib folders are deleted”. I replaced the install directory, added contrib and ran updated to latest again, and the same result: a page showing no errors, 2.0.19, but will not move past the “ensure…” page (a phpBB page with the forum logo).

I deleted the install and contrib files and it said I had to login again, now it says:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: phpbb_clean_username() in /home/.badlands/laingsoc/ on line 57

I posted this on the phpBB forum but no one has replied, if anyone who’s sharp with phpBB happens to read this, I would be really grateful for any suggestions.

  • thank you -

When I’ve messed up my phpbb upgrades before, I simply restore to a previous backup of the forum - generally the one I made just befor eI statred the upgrade. If you just replace all of the forum files with the ones from the back, and clear nd re-fill the database you should be back where you were.

If you didn’t make backups (shame, shame) there’s the .snapshot directory and contact support for a mysql restore.

You may want to wait and see if anybody has sigguestion on how to fi up your install before you go to this work though…


Matttail to the rescue again. :slight_smile:

I ditched the idea of the one-click (per your suggestion before) and got a new copy of 2.0.19 but I wasn’t sure what to do about the other files from the ‘rebuild search’ mod and so left them there, and other 2.0.6 files I didn’t see in the new release. Once I cleaned out everything and tried it again it all worked fine.

now if I only knew why it is that no matter what time of day I start these things, it always seems to take until the middle of the night…

Well, lesson learned. I will never put off an update again.

Thanks for your advice Matttail, and for being around for us eternal newbies.