'scratchy' server down, confirm anyone?

I can’t connect to DB on scratchy.
Anybody else confirm?

Just came back for me.

And now it’s down again.
Can anybody else confirm the spotty peformance today?

Check out the Dreamhost Panel:

Temporarily Unavailable
The web panel is temporarily unavailable while we perform maintenance on our database.

[Sources: dreamhost]

Of all the days this could happen… it has to be today?? I’m not sure my database is on the ‘scratchy’ server but I’m guessing it is, considering I’ve lost my db connection twice for significant periods of time…

How long are we expected to wait for this to be resolved?

They picked a darned fine time to do this! We’ve got a client expecting to see a demo today, but they can’t keep the database running long enough to show it. :frowning:

We really need this back up ASAP.

Sean Robertson
NGP Software

Luckily I had a client view what I was working on right before all this happened.

I wish they would at least post an announcement about what’s going on.