Is there any way I can install Scoop? Or something equivalent? I need to get a site that works in the same manner as and it looks like they are running on Scoop. However, it looks like Dreamhost and Scoop don’t play together, so does anyone have any recommendations?



What makes you think that Dreamhost and Scoop don’t play together? It looks to me that DH meets the system requirements.

I run Geeklog, which looks similar.




I think he might be talking about this, from the “Installation Section” of the Scoop documentation:

"Before you even start, make sure that you can

  • Alter your web server’s core configuration file
  • Stop and start the web server
  • Install programs

and check for your OS in section 2.7, System-specific notes for any special instructions.

Many hosting companies don’t allow this kind of control, but without it it’s impossible to install Scoop. (Scoop is not a cgi script that you can just drop into your cgi-bin directory!) "

It also seems to require mod_perl.



That’s correct. I’ll try out Geeklog instead. Thanks!