Scoop sites?

Has anybody run a Scoop site on DH? I switched here in large part for e-mail hosting (personal and lists), but I also want to start up a discussion site and maybe a place to disseminate a bit of data (I do infosec research on my home network, including honeypots and such). I think I have figured out how to do most of this, and I think I can put the necessary Apache directives in my .htaccess file. Is this right? Am I missing something?

Just trying to get a bit of perspective before I go spend way too much time on something that won’t work in the end anyway.

Scoop documentation says you should get mod_perl running before you do anything else.

For your own server, mod_perl is wonderful but there are serious security and/or resource problems in a hosting company environment, and on a regular webhosting account, we don’t have it available to us.

The scripts are there, so you can modify it to run as a CGI instead of as mod_perl, but I don’t know how much you want to bite off.

Scoop definitely looks fun to play with, though.

deke is correct that we don’t support mod_perl on shared hosting plans (although we do use it for a lot of our own stuff, including the web panel).

there’s a speed improvement, but there are a number of technical problems that keep us from offering support for it (at one point we did for certain plans).

i’d see if you can find something similar that uses standard perl or PHP.

Thanks for the help… I saw that mod_perl was required but hadn’t noticed it’s not used at DH. Thanks again for the answers!

If you’re looking for discussion board software (similar to, check out YaBB ( It uses standard perl and from what I’ve seen so far is very powerful. It’s also very easy to set up (I installed it on in about 10 minutes).

If you haven’t got mod_perl on your plan, you can look into PerlEx which is fairly good.

I doubt that you actually need mod_perl to run it though. Only a few changes would be needed to the code to get it to run under a non-mod_perl enabled server, I’d imagine…


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