Scoop 1.1 installation

Is it even possible to get Scoop 1.1 installed on dreamhost? Anyone tried it? I get most of the way through the and it bombs out. (I suspect that it has to do with the inability to create databases in mysql programmatically. It gets further if I tell it to drop and recreate it using a database I’ve already created, but it still bombs out.

Anyone find a way around this? I’d really like to get it up and working.



From what I understand, Scoop requires mod_perl to be able to run, and as of right now, Dreamhost doesn’t support mod_perl for shared accounts. If you have a dedicated server that’s another thing. That’s kind of why you can’t run the Slash engine as well.

What are the specific features of Scoop that cause you to want to run it? Maybe there’s another CMS out there that one of us could recommend that provides a similar, if not the same, feature set.

I’m someone looking at Scoop as well but i figure there is a problem having Scoop running on my shared hosting package. I haven’t tried installing Scoop (1.1.8 now) but reading over documentation from Scoop
I see it’s a more involved process than I figured.

I personally am looking for a software that allows more user driven created content (a la Scoop). I’m not looking at Wordpress or Wordpress MU (I run wordpress for several sites as is) because while I’m looking for a blog-like site, I am also not looking for one that asks users to write on a separate interface… Nor am I looking for a message board.

I’m in the process of securing a domain name with the concept it’d be part of a regional sports web site for local fans of pro, college and amateur sports in my area.

According to the scoop documentation, it requires mod_perl, which is not available and can’t be installed on DH shared servers (you do not have access to the apache configuration settings) so, irrespective of the other “problematic” aspects of the installation (perl modules, etc), you really can’t work around this initial problem. :frowning:

You lost me on that one, as I don’t really understand what you mean…there are lots of collaborative content CMS things out there but, without understanding this statement, I’m at a lost as to what to suggest. :wink:


Have you thought about developing an application with Ruby on Rails? What about a more traditional CMS a la TYPO3 or Joomla! ? - City Streets

Oh, to clarify the separate interface statement: In order to write a post on a Wordpress blog you have to log in to wp-admin which is an entirely separate interface for general web surfers.

Does that make sense? From a blogger perspective, there is no big problem having the hidden/separate interface… yet having the general public on the site and encouraged to post their own content – it’d be better having a diary-like/message board like interface where users never venture into a new graphic interface when posting (examples: a vbulletin message board, Daily Kos and other scoop blogs/web sites).

Does that explain things a little better?

Eh, I’m not good with development in general. I’m mostly involved in site design, administration and such.

I know how you feel - I’m not very good with development.

However, I’m pretty sure that Joomla! has enough of a community that you would be able to find plug-ins for the functionality you’re looking for if it isn’t native.

I use wordpress on my website but I think there might be a plug-in out there that can do what you’re looking for… perhaps something with AJAX? Just a thought. If that’s the case, then it would be a drop-in plug-in. - City Streets