"Schmedicated" deal -- server customization

With regard to Dreamhost’s managed dedicated servers, is it possible to get certain server customizations with that? Or will our servers be stuck with the same capabilities as DH’s shared server deals?

For example, I’d really like to have access to PHP’s SimpleXML module as well as Apache’s mod_cache, both of which are unavailable with DH’s shared server service.

Might be a while before my project takes off enough to support a $400 a month hosting bill, though…

I don’t know anything about the specific PHP module you mention, but on the standard shared hosting you can completely recompile PHP with whatever options you want, and there are instructions on how to do a standard build (DH’s default is minimalist) on the wiki at http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Installing_PHP5.

I would think that at that price, they’d probably be willing to work with you on things that would normally affect others in a shared environment.

That’s definitely something I’d get straight from the horse’s mouth, though. I’d make a list of anything you know you’d want changed and hit sales with it in one shot to see if there would be any problems.

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Extrarius: Thank you for that bit of information. I was unaware that I was able to do this. I’ll definitely give it a try.

I’d still like that Apache module, though.

I am currently using SimpleXML with DreamHost’s default PHP 5 installation. If you use the phpinfo() function you should see SimpleXML listed there.

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