Scary, disturbing email problem - WrongMessageBody

I’m not sure if this is related to DreamHost or my T-Mobile Sidekick II, though another DreamHost customer who doesn’t have a Sidekick has reported the same problem.

Scary, random e-mail messages from my mail servers are being sent out, instead of the current intended message.

For example, the Subject line I send to “Tom” will be correct, but open the message itself and the content will be a message I sent to “Dave” three weeks ago, or, strangely, some piece of incoming spam I got.

Really really spooky stuff.

In addition to being a security risk, it makes communication completely unreliable.

Has anyone ever experienced a problem like this? Is it possible that message numbers are being screwed up?

what mail server are you on? And, what browser and operating system? and what are you using for your mail reader?


Now, it is possible that the problem is with Danger’s (Sidekick manufacturer’s) mail server. They get a forwarded copy of things from my DreamHost account.

However, since a fellow DreamHost customer also mentioned this, I am not sure.

My main accounts are on sack. But, no one uses sidekick. One client uses the blackberry and hasn’t complained (yet?)