ScanAlert Hacker Safe Certification?


Does anyone hosting a site on Dreamhost have ScanAlert Hacker Safe certification -or- ControlScan certification for their website? Our client is looking for a new host and that’s a requirement… preferably ScanAlert Hacker Safe.



  • Sam


How much does the hack safe certification cost? Because, uhm, we don’t like to talk about it too much, you know… Uh, well, back in April they spent a big wad of cash on, heh, Green certifications and promoted those “green site” certifications. Then a few weeks later, well, heh, uhm, somebody hacked a bunch of Dreamhost accounts and sites. They are serious about security though, so, could you, uhm, get back to us on that hack safe certification thing in a few months? Heh heh.


There have been some reports that the “certifications” provided are just that you’ve paid the fee to have their image on your page. (some searching on the program names will get you actual info)

Be sure that you’re getting what you paid for - the image might be enough for the customer.

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Hacker Safe is definitely not just a “Pay a fee” service. It thoroughly checks your sites before letting you get that image. I had to do a lot of work on my server before I got certified. It’s amazing how much you think you are secure until somebody lists a gazillion ways to break in =P

HackerSafe is legit. I think your client would pass on the DH servers…but you may check with DH directly.

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Hello, my name is Savannah Finney from the Business Development Division at ControlScan. I would love the opportunity to speak with a representative from DreamHost to discuss the possibility of a partnership. Please contact me at (678)279-2673. Thanks.

IF you’re for real, then try the contact form on the main dreamhost page - people who might go forward with you don’t check here regularly.

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