i’ve been looking for something that allows for a better collaboration method than a bunch of .ics calendars. yes, i know exchange is overkill, but has thought been put into something like scalix? if not, are there any options that people know of that allow for either outlook integration, or at least some other kind of organization-wide collaboration?


well, you can’t run a resident application like your own mail server on a shared hosting like dreamhost.
You have to use a (virtual) private hosting or an external solution just for such use.

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right, but has dreamhost ever considered replacing their mail system with something like scalix to enable more features for everyone? yes, it would be a lot of work to understand and implement correctly, but (IMHO) it would be a huge value-add if it were possible. AFAIK, no one is offering something like that for a service like this. not a sticking point, just curious.


You’d have to ask DreamHost themselves that question. :slight_smile:

There is a ‘suggestions’ section in the Admin panel, where customers can suggest things such as this and others can vote for or against. DreamHost have shown themselves willing to implement popular suggestions in the past, so it’s definitely worth a shot.


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