SBL Spamhaus Issue Here


Actually a long time DH customer… I recently started a relationship with Site5, as I found their database performance for Durpal to be faster. BUT the server I am on seems to be getting (mail) blacklisted at least once a week. It is unacceptable as is.

When I ran a few mailing lists off of DH a few years ago I don’t remember ever getting a bounced message from SBL issues.

So… my question. Are things just that much worse these days across the board? Does DH have as much trouble with their mail IP’s getting listed by the SBL services? I will consider moving my drupal sites back here if DH has figured out the secret sauce in keeping thier servers off of these lists.


IMHO, things are “that much worse these days across the board”. Dreamhost has had its share of such troubles also, as do any systems which send large amounts of mail from many users through shared servers using a single IP address or addresses.

I don’t think there is any “secret sauce” for staying off these list (and that is more true for some lists than it is for others). Dreamhost has taken some steps (that I believe are positive steps!) toward deaoing with this in that they have limited the number of outgoing emails from a user, disabled forwarding for “catch-all” alias’s, no auto-responder for catch-alls, etc. While not “secret sauce”, it does show that Dreamhost is trying to help mitigate the problem and, in addition to their continued attempts to deal with individual blacklists and service providers (AOL, Comcast, ATT, etc) leave me feeling it is "as good as it gets: at Dreamhost in this area. That said, the whole situation still sucks for us on shared email servers, no matter where we host :wink: