Sample Websites?

I’ve been reading and learning, but I think what I need is to see some sites. I’m more visual than I thought.

Can someone send me links to their sites so I can SEE what can be done with DreamHost and a good piece of software?

If you are a die hard coder, I don’t think you can help me. I’m not into coding.

Please let me know which piece of software you used to create/edit your page. I’m especially looking for pages with announcement groups and sections for information gathering about your customer to better serve their needs.


MP3Mystic - Created with Post Nuke

MysticServer - Created with Mambo. Still working on content - Created with serendipity

All three are Content Management Systems running on PHP and mySQL and I haven’t done any custom programming on them. (well Serendipity is more BLOG software than CMS, but you get the idea).


MP3Mystic Your personal Streaming MP3 Server
Dreamhost Hosting

good post. Just wondering if any websites made by dreamweaver? << moving to dreamhost now

if you want more, I have about 40 sites on dreamhost now, and use dreamweaver for ALL of them. I am only learning php, and dreamhost users have been most generous with their knowledge and time.

You can’t go wrong here!!!


Your sites are beautiful! I’ll check out your code to see if I can learn from them.


Using: Wordpress version 1.5b and various others scripts (hacked or not) for gallery, etc…


[quote]so I can SEE what can be done with DreamHost and a good piece of software


DreamHost can do whatever, I guess the question lies more in the software; and on this, DreamWeaver has become the industry standard for WYSIWYG. But to be honest, if this is your BUSINESS website, I would leave it to the professionals. :wink: :: ::