Same problem, different day

does anyone know if sympatico blocks port 25?
because i can’t send emails. i tried switching the outgoing server to the same one as our main identity and changing the port and it still doesn’t work.

i know i’m supposed to “contact someone” but i don’t know what number i’m calling @_@ any ideas?

Can’t answer about sympatico, however you can send mail using DreamHost servers using port 587 instead of 25. Works like a charm and my ISP blocks port 25.

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i tried it again doing what you said, i could send but not recieve! T-T

should i write step-by-step instructions of how i’m setting it up to identify the problem better? :\

Well I am using Mozilla Mail and News (Mozilla 1.6a) on WinXP using IMAP with no problems. I read on your site your using Outlook Express - I have no experience with that client and have even uninstalled it. You need to check to make sure the Server Ports are set to 587 for outgoing. The incoming port should be 143 for IMAP or 110 for POP3. The server names should be the same and should not be IP addresses and SAP, TLS and/or SSL should be disabled.

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okay here’s my step by step…

  1. open outlook express (by default, going to my parents email)
  2. send and recieve a test email to make sure it’s working… check.
  3. File > Identities > Add new Identity
  4. Name: Vicky
  5. Switch to Vicky, remain connected to the internet
  6. Display Name: Missie Yohko
  7. email address: (this is an existing email i had set up when i registered with Dreamhost)
  8. Incoming: Pop3
  9. Outgoing:
  10. enter account name and password, check remember password, SPA NOT CHECKED
  11. Click Finish
  12. Tools > Accounts > Properties > Servers Tab
  13. My Server requires authentication
  14. click settings, enter name and password, check remember password, SPA NOT CHECKED
  15. Click Apply, Click Okay
  16. close Accounts
  17. Click Send/Recieve, nothing
  18. Tools > Accounts > Properties > Advanced tab
  19. Change outgoing from 25 to 587, SSL NOT CHECKED
  20. incoming remails, SSL NOT CHECKED
  21. Click Apply, click Okay
  22. Click send/Recieve, nothing
  23. old emails previously left in the Inbox NOT found in the Inbox
  24. Send a test email, SUCCESSFUL
  25. Recieve a test email, FAILED.

so that’s where i am, which is very interesting because before I could recieve but not send.
any ideas then?

[quote]18) Tools > Accounts > Properties > Advanced tab
19) Change outgoing from 25 to 587, SSL NOT CHECKED
20) incoming remails, SSL NOT CHECKED
21) Click Apply, click Okay
22) Click send/Recieve, nothing
23) old emails previously left in the Inbox NOT found in the Inbox
23) Send a test email, SUCCESSFUL
24) Recieve a test email, FAILED.[/quote]
On #18, unless you have checked “Leave a copy of messages on server”, OE will delete the messages from DreamHost after it has downloaded them, which may explain # 23. So if you read the old messages with a different identity, the messages would only exist on your computer now and you’d have to switch to that identity to read them.

As for #24, are you getting an error message at all? I re-installed Outlook Express v6 and did not encounter any error messages, nor timeouts. One thing you might want to do is go to Tools -> Options -> Maintenence and for “Troubleshooting” check “Mail”. Try to recieve messages once or twice and then see if you have a Pop3.log file, I found it in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities{hexadecimal}\Microsoft\Outlook Express
Don’t forget to go back to Maintenence tab and uncheck Mail later. The pop3.txt file would actual messages from the server if there is a problem logging in, etc - provided you’re able to connect to the server.

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i did not find a pop3.log file anywhere on my hard drive.

Hmm, I might have gotten a bit ahead there, as the Pop3.log file would be in a “hidden” directory, but the location is revealed by going to the Tools > Options > Maintenance and click on the “Store Folder” button - cut & paste the path into Explorer.

However you can use telnet to verify that you can log into the server by following the instructions below.

  1. Click on the “Start” button and go to All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
  2. Type in telnet hostname 110 and press Enter.
  3. You should see “OK Hello there.”
  4. Type in USER username and press Enter.
  5. Now it should say “OK Password required.”
  6. Type in PASS password and press Enter.
  7. Now it should say “OK logged in.”
  8. Type in STAT and press Enter.
  9. The first number will be the number of messages on the server, the second number will be the total size in bytes.
  10. Type in LIST and press Enter if you want a list of the message numbers and the size in bytes for each message.
  11. Type in QUIT and press Enter to log off the server

Please report any error messages you may get. Here is a cut & paste for an example:

[code]C:\Documents and Settings\User>telnet 110
(screen clears)
OK Hello there.
USER username
OK Password required.
PASS password
OK logged in.
OK 3 4326
OK POP3 clients that break here, they violate STD53.
1 1672
2 803
3 1851
OK Bye-bye.

Connection to host lost.

C:\Documents and Settings\User>[/code]
If you get to step #9 and the first number is zero, that means there are no messages that Outlook Express can “Recieve” - either you read them already using Outlook Express which had deleted them from the server, or the messages aren’t being delivered. By default Outlook Express stores a copy of the message on your computer and tells DreamHost not to keep the message. This means if you setup two identities for the same mailbox, messages recieved by one identity will not be recieved by the other identity. You have not mentioned any error messages and this is a situation where you would not get an error message.

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