Same account different domains

Hi, I have a question about managing domains, I have my account with its own domain, but I want to host another website in my account with another domain I already own.

The other domain I own is provided by another “domain seller company”, I can configure it to forward to some directory in my existing account or fully “integrate” by using the DNS you provide.

The point is that when I add a new domain I choose where will the site be hosted (/home/username/) right? …
So my initial site is hosted in /home/username/“” and the new one will be /home/username/“

First of all I created a directory with the name (the same name I choosed in the add domain menu in the ops panel) and put all the files of my site there, and I want to test everything is working fine BEFORE adding DNS configuration to the because I dont know if what im doing is right

So how can I access /home/username/ to test site? and what im doing to set up the new is all right?

thank you

It’s easy enough to do, and a couple of methods are described very well in the DH Wiki article on viewing a site before DNS changes. I’m sure you will find what you need there. Good Luck! :slight_smile: