Samba & windows xp

I had Windows 98SE connecting to Samba and it was working well.

I’m trying to set it up on a new system running Windows XP, and can’t seem to connect. I can ping the server (, but mapping the drive and/or running various dos commands (net view // provide only this:

“Windows cannot find the network path.” (etc)

Has anyone gotten this to work? In 98, I believe I had to update the lmhosts file, but it didn’t work in XP (unless I had lmhosts in the wrong location). Besides, I can ping it, so thats something, right?

Well, if anyone is interested, the solution was pretty straightforward. I’m not much of a network whiz, so this might sound dumb.

Under the Properties for my Dial-Up connection, I went to the TCP/IP properties dialog box, clicked Advanced, WINS tab. The bottom section has a NetBIOS over TCP/IP enable/disable switch which was disabled. Perhaps I disabled it at some point in my search for a fix, but I think it may have defaulted to this. Enabled it and all worked fine.