Samba on the Dreamhost servers?


Is Samba installed and running on the Dreamhost servers?

I’d like to be able to SSH into my Dreamhost server and then map a network drive to the remote directory. Getting this to work in Windows 7 seems a bit tricky, but I want to know if the Dreamhost servers even have Samba before I waste too much of my time trying to get my client configured properly.



Samba is NOT installed. You’ll need to use FTP or SFTP to access your files here — there are some applications that’ll let you map a drive over SFTP, though, such as ExpanDrive.



When I was searching for an answer I came across a few threads and an announcement that you stopped accepting SMB connections over the internet do to brute force attacks. I’m curious, what was the rationale for disabling connections through an ssh tunnel?