Samba and Windows XP

Has anyone had any luck at all connecting to the Samba shares at Dreamhost from Windows XP?

I’ve tried countless times, and tried every little networking-related “tweak” I know to get it going, but no luck.

Any comments/suggestions on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Zero problems here. I’ve enabled SMB mounting for my login user ‘gpcentre’. I connect to \\gpcentre\ and use my normal password.

Hrrm. When you say you connect to that share… are you mapping a network drive and so forth?

Did you modify your workgroup (anything under Network Neighborhood)?

Did you modify any NetBIOS settings in your TCP/IP configuration?

Did you have to bother adding your share’s name to the LMHOSTS file?

I’m hating to ramble on, so I’ll halt it there. Basically, I need/want as detailed an account you can provide.

If you did nothing, save map a network drive (and didn’t even use the “connect using a different username…” option) then I’m absolutely stumped. I mean STUMPED. I’ve had errors ranging from “The network path \\share could not be found.” all the way to “The workstation driver (something along these lines) is not installed.”.

I have absolutely NO clue where to go from here.

Oh… and for what it’s worth, I can telnet/SSH in and login/ping/access/view all my share has to offer. I’m stumped.

Thanks again for your response.


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I editing nothing within my TCP/IP properties. You must select use different login or else Windows will try and use \<localwindowsuser>\ as a login name.

Right click on My Computer -> Map Network Drive -> Enter the Folder as the full \ path for your network folder. Select ‘different user name’ and enter your SMB defined login (note; it can be different than your SSH login, it’s defined in the control panel).

Hit OK and it worked for me.


I’m left with:
A. My particular installation (and it’s many modifications)
B. My firewall and/or router
C. Give up on the use of Samba via Windows XP

Thanks again guice. I’ve been there and back again, and I simply cannot connect. Later on today or tomorrow I’m going to install a fresh copy of XP to another machine of mine and “out of the box” test my share connection. But anyway…

Again, thanks for your time.


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