Sales team slow to reply to my enquiry

Five days ago, I wrote to Dreamhost’s sales team with some questions about their VPS packages. They didn’t reply. Yesterday, I send another asking for progress on my request. No response.

Is this delay typical? It seems odd, given that most companies plough a lot more resources into sales enquiries than technical support.

I never received a email confirmations that my messages had been received. Is this because Dreamhost don’t send out confirmation emails, or are my messages disappearing into cyberspace?

Is it worth buying hosting with a company who don’t reply to sales enquiries within 48 hours?

Many thanks for any advice.

Usually sales responses are a lot quicker… if the nature of your inquiry is not private, you can also try repeating the questions here and maybe we can help.

Okay. Thank you.

I’m looking at the VPS hosting 2GB RAM option.

Is there a limit to database table sizes, please?

Is there a maximum file size?

Do you get root access to the server, please?

Do you get access to the access to Apache/nginx configuration, please?

Is composer supported?

How about remote access to MySQL?

Are there time/CPU limits on CRON jobs, please?

If there are limits, what’s the procedure if limits are reached?

Thank you very much to anyone who offers guidance.

There is no reasonable limit on table sizes, but there is a limit on overall database size which can be no more than a total of 3GB for your account. For a bit more room, generally up to 20GB, there is a MySQL VPS option as a separate service.

As for maximum file size, VPS comes with storage that scales with the amount of memory, and the underlying filesystem can support files up to that max size. So if you got a 60GB disk from your 2GB VPS system, you could store a file a few GB less than the total disk with generally no issues, but that would leave less space for website files which are the intended file to be stored on the VPS. If it is non-website data, we would recommend looking at DreamObjects cloud storage, or DreamCompute cloud hosting.

DreamHost VPS is managed hosting, meaning you get our great control panel to configure all the aspects of your hosting without having to dive into config files yourself. Because of this, it does not come with root. DreamCompute does have root access, however it has no control panel and you become the system admin installing, configuring, maintaining and backing up your own system.

DreamHost VPS configures apache/nginx files via the control panel, so you do not have direct access to the files. You can still make some changes with .htaccess files in the case of apache. DreamCompute gives you full access to these files, because you are responsible for setting the whole thing up.

PHP composer is not installed by default, but can be installed even on VPS via their instructions.

MySQL remote access is possible on all shared, VPS, and dedicated mysql services if you add in the remote hosts.

It is best to not run cron jobs every minute, but if you must and the job is extremely light, it can be done via crontab.

I think that was all of the questions, anything else let us know!

Thank you very much for your detailed help.

One of the main reasons I’m looking for new hosting is that I need to grab, unpack and parse an enormous XML feed several times a day, using cron.

I am still put off by the slow sales email response time (still haven’t heard anything), but am grateful that I’ve been able to get hold of you this way.

Came across this thread while put off by the slow response of the Dreamhost sales team too. It’s baffling why they take ages to reply to queries. Makes me think twice about how good their tech support is going to be. - curious to know if you took up Dreamhost finally. How is their tech support measuring up? Thank you

Hi Anond,

We apologize for any delays you may have experienced, if you have any questions please be sure to let us know. If you have a ticket number we can start with that (ticket numbers start with a 7). Or feel free to reply here with any questions.

Yeah, If the nature of your inquiry is not private, you can also try repeating the questions here and maybe we can help.