Sales Representative Take a look at this please

So first off your contact form is broken or something cause I can’t send an inquiry through that.

–All questions revolve around Dedicated Servers–

  1. Do you only offer servers in US or are you able to roll out servers in the UK or in Asia.
  2. Do each Dedicated server come with 1Gps ports/1Gps connections?
  3. I understand that each server comes with ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’ or unmetered if you would, but what is the absolute limit of bandwidth I can user per month – other sites offer unmetered but it gets capped off at 330 - 666TB a month.
  4. Should I need more ram or something, would it be possible for me to pay for the hardware and have it shipped to you and pay a service fee for you to install it?
  5. Do you allow sites such as; Streaming, Gaming Servers and/or Online Game sites like (
  6. Should I purchase multiple servers is there any way I can network/connect them or at least share a database between them?
    • This is a 2 part Question
      i) Is there a way for me to set DreamObject up so when my users upload something it is sent directly to DO?
      ii) When something is hosted through DO do all the files remain in the directory the site is located in or do they get pulled into a new root or something?

Not a sales representative, but here are my short answers:

  1. All DreamHost servers are located in the United States.

  2. Yes.

  3. 1 gigabit per second, multiplied by one month, is about 328 TB. More than that is physically impossible over a 1 Gbps network connection.

(We’d appreciate it if you let us know ahead of time if you plan on using this much network traffic.)

  1. No, I’m afraid not. Sorry.

  2. Yes, so long as they are are in compliance with our Acceptable Use Policy. In particular, if you intend to host Flash games, you need to make sure that any games you host or embed in your site are licensed for that use. (Simply copying games from other sites is a copyright violation.)

  3. Yes. Any databases hosted in any location on your account, including a dedicated server, can be connected to from other machines on your account.

7.i) Yes, but it will take some significant custom development work.

7.ii) Neither. Any content hosted in DreamObjects must be on a separate hostname from your main web site, and is not stored on your web server.

Thank you for your answer