Sales Being Not Just For New Customers

I kinda have a bone to pick with Dreamhost and thus am putting this under suggestions.

How about, when you have sales (the Sweet 16 stuff) it’s not JUST for NEW customers? It’s kinda like telling the customers you do have that you don’t give a crap about them. I realize you’re trying to get new members, but you can have it open to ANYONE. Why it fair that people who are already with you don’t get to save (IE: there was one about a year worth of hosting being $1.60 a month).

In short, it’s really not fair to the customers you have and in fact, it’s like a slap in the face.


(and I am a new customer)

I agree. I am only about a year old in january, for dream host aht is, and I love bargains where I can find them, so if us old customers can have some as well that would be nice. Rock on dream host.