Sake server still slow


The Sake server is crawling along tonight (12:40AM, Monday morning). It looks like a similar issue we had last week where some site was receiving too many requests. It takes over several minutes sometimes to start loading a page. Sometimes I even get this message:

The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

I’m actually unable to view any of the site pages at the moment, and my net connection is quite stable.

Please address this, as delays and errors of this type look very unprofessional on business sites.

The site in question is and the subdirectory.

I also submitted this using the contact form, but this has to be impacting more than my domain, so figured posting in the forums couldn’t hurt.



Hi Devol,

I’m sorry about this… it looks like that site is still getting all the huge gnutella requests which are bogging down the apache. We’ll try and move him to his own apache where it won’t cause problems for anybody else today.

Sorry again!


Thank you Josh. I appreciate your attention to this.

I promise I’m not a customer who has nothing better to do than complain:). This strikes me as a serious issue and thats why I keep bringing it up, but I have confidence that DH can resolve it in a timely and permanent manner.

If you could, please post here or let me know via email when the problem is resolved.

Thanks in advance,


Hey Devol,

Well, we’ve moved the bad site to its own apache now… the only thing is while dns propagates a lot of requests will still hit yours. It looks like about half are already hitting the new one. I think by tomorrow it should be all settled down for good. I’ll probably have to restart it a few more times before then, but I think you’re out of the woods now!


Josh, thanks for the update. The site was nice and fast all afternoon, as I’ve been sharing it with my colleagues, so all seems to be well!

Nest stop - client presentation on Thursday.

Thanks again,