Safe Harbor

I’m a happy DreamHost customer since january 2006. All my sites are stored on their servers.

There is just one thing I’m not happy about, and it’s that DreamHost is not (as far as I know) on the Safe Harbor list. I need this like any other Spanish (or most European) DreamHost customers. Our legislation (LOPD in Spain) says we must be on European hosting companies, and the only American hosting companies that are OK with our laws are those who are on the Safe Harbor list.

So… I would like to know if DH is considering joining the Safe Harbor policy on a low-medium term… If not, I should start looking for an European hosting company but it would be sad to leave DH, I’m so happy with your service!


Jaime Iniesta

I think this will be a good suggestion to DH. If we talk about business, it is good for DH to grow its business :wink:

I’ll suggest you to send a ticket to DH via DH panel --> Home --> Suggestions

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This is the first I have heard about this requirement. Do you have a URL (or two) that might provide more information on this? thanks.


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And one of the better expanded policies as example:

Thanks for the links weby, much appreciated.

I have only had a quick look (I will read the details properly later), but it would seem that the ‘Safe Harbor’ initiative is all about safe guarding privacy, which can’t be a bad thing in this day and age.


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I already posted a suggestion. If you think Safe Harbor is a good idea, go there and vote for it. Just search for “safe harbor” on the suggestions section.

Also you can contact DH support for this request.

Jaime Iniesta

Other American hosting companies like TextDrive are already on the Safe Harbor list:

Jaime Iniesta

I voted. I think it is good for DH and is good for us too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same, think it would be good for the consumer but also for DH.

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I know a little bit about Safe Harbor from a previous life.

What it is – allows U.S. corporations to hold privacy data about their customers and employees who reside in an EU member state (such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, etc.). It requires that the U.S. corporations who do this hold the data in the same manner (and with the same restrictions) as are required for corporations operating in the EU (under the EU Privacy Directive, which has been incorporated into the general laws of individual EU member states). There are some significant requirements that apply under Safe Harbor that many US companies may not be accustomed to – such as consent and notification.

What it is not – any sort of data privacy protection or guarantee for any person who does not reside in an EU member state.

I HIGHLY recommend that DH consult with an attorney knowledgeable in Safe Harbor and EU Privacy Directive laws. Of particular concern would be how Safe Harbor would ensure that companies based in EU member states and that use DH as a data host will be adequately compliant with the Privacy Directive.