Sad there is no CPanel


I am accustomed to using CPanel and love it.
When I signed for a new Dreamhost account I did not realize there was no CPanel.

So, how, apart from using FTP, can I create a directory beneath existing folder structure?

I searched the wiki help to no avail.



Well using SFTP would be a better (and more secure) way of doing it, but what is wrong with using FTP for this task? If you are familiar with UNIX, you can access the shell and do it from the command line.

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Thanks SCJ. Yes SFTP would be better.
As for UNIX, It is about 20 years since I messed with UNIX and have forgotten most of it. Guess I need to do a refresher course :frowning:




You’ll get over it. I did. At first, the panel here feels really primitive, but I’ve grown to appreciate how much power they put in my hands. The wiki is a great resource to help you get started:



I agree. I have a cPanel host in addition to Dreamhost and I can’t convey the degree to which I’ve grown to hate it (cPanel).

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