S3cmd issue

I’m using s3cmd (http://s3tools.org/s3cmd) to sync my backups to Dreamobjects. But since a few days none of the syncs are working anymore. s3cmd crashs with the following error.

I’ve already created a issue for s3cmd.

s3cmd is working great with AWS S3, so it seems to be a Dreamhost issue. As i understand the error message correctly, there seems to be a date field in the headers missing, but all that worked until the beginning of this week.


I found the issue you reported with s3cmd on github. I also did some testing myself. I see that you’re having issues with version 1.5.2. I tested with 1.5.0 (documented in our wiki http://wiki.dreamhost.com/S3cmd) and it is working well for me - put, get, and sync. I’d recommend using that version until we can diagnose the issue with the date key error.

I see that Matt fixed the bug w/ S3cmd https://github.com/s3tools/s3cmd/issues/542

It’s merged into master so I’d assume it will be included in the 1.5.3 release.