Running two websites/domains on one PS

Hey all–

Seeing if someone can help me out, because, as much as I think I’ve done this right, I still can’t get it to work.

Basically, I’m trying to run and on the same Personal Server. is up and running perfectly. I can FTP, upload files, everything works.

DomainA is set to run on /home/username/DomainA, with user UserA on PServer1.

DomainB is set the exact same way – /home/username/DomainB, with user UserB on PServer1.

But when I try to FTP to DomainB, using UserB (or UserA), I keep getting Connection attempt failed with “EAI_NODATA - No address associated with nodename”.

How do I get two sites running on on PS? I own both domains, both are hosted on the PS, but only the original is working.

And for the record, I can FTP with UserB using DomainA. I only get the /home/username/DomainB, which is totally acceptable. I’m happy to use as my FTP domain, with UserB having access to

The problem is that even when I upload index.html and go to, nothing happens – it’s all a 404. I’ve created subdirectories and they’re all dead too.

Any help?

Sounds like domainB has an internal resolution problem of some description.

Hit the Edit button next to domainB in Manage Domains and then hit Save Changes under the Fully Hosted section to see if that kicks it into gear. Double check that userB is noted as the controlling user while there too.

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