Running Rake Task With Cron

I’ve set up a cron job from the dreamhost panel that runs a rake task. The rake task runs fine from the command line if I SSH into my account. After trial and error, I came up with a syntax that gets CRON to run it also. However, it doesn’t work consistently. I have it set to run every six hours, and over the last five attempts, two got through, but the other three yielded the message " sh: line 1: 28666 Killed"

My panel syntax is:
cd /home/domain/domain/ && /usr/bin/rake namespace:task RAILS_ENV=production

I have locking checked.

Dreamhost support sent me a link to another hosts forum where there was a recommendation to have cron run a script file, not run the rake task directly, but I’m confused about why this gets through sometimes but not others, and why it runs fine if I ssh in, but not always when Cron does it.

Any ideas?