Running Python easy_install


New to Python, I have things apparently set correcty on my account, but impossible to use the easy_install command.

According to all the documentation I could find on the web, (including dreamhost :, I should be able to use the command ‘easy_install’ to get some new packages etc.

At the moment, I have the easy_install script here as described on the dreamhost wiki: /home/ladetto/packages/bin/

Everything looks normal to me, but when I try to type the easy_install command, I just get the message “command not found” …

So I just don’t understand what I’m doing wrong… if it is Linux related with a path missing, or if it is the way I’m using it!

It looks so easy to use when you browse the forum on the web, that I guess it might be a path problem or ???

I thank you in advance for any hint and support!

Best regards,