Running php script?

I am an absolute beginner, and I am trying to install Plogger on my website. I got the files ftp’ed to / Now it says to “run the _install.php”. I can’t figure out this very basic thing. I figured out how to install puTTY, and connected to the shell, but once I’m in the Plogger directory, I don’t know how to run the _install.php file. I have been searching the wiki, forums and web for hours, apparently it’s something obvious that everyone already knows how to do. Could someone please help me out?

I have not installed plogger, but usually you run the install script by navigating to it with a browser:


or something like that, taking into consideration, or course, the actually directory location and name of the “install” file.

Thanks for your help. When I navigate there with my browser, I get a “Error 404” file not found page that comes up with my blog page (WordPress). I know that the files are there, cuz I checked it with my ftp program. Do I need special permissions in the directory where the _install.php file is?

Thank you

That was an important piece of information! The problem is now a lot easier to understand. Wordpress uses apache re-write rules to make “pretty” (or “search engine friendly”) urls on your site, and it is these re-write rules, that are in the .htaccess file in your web “root” directory where Wordpress is installed that are causing this behavior.

While it seems pretty complicated, it is easy enough to work-around once you understand how it works. Ther is a good guide to this issue on the DH Wiki that addresses the issue as it relates to the WordPress installation making your “mydomain.,com/stats/” directory inaccessible.

The problem is the same, you just need to review that wiki article and substitute the appropriate directory/file information as is appropriate for your site, situation, and affected url, and you will be good to go.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was hard to find an answer when I didn’t know the correct question to ask.

You are most welcome. Good luck with getting it sorted!