Running php as a fastcgi app, how to modify php


I am running PHP as fastcgi as i was having some major CPU load issues, and now, i am worrying becuase i can not go ahead and modify the config.

How do i modify the config when i run PHP this way, so i can go ahead and upload images, ebcuase i get a server config error when i go to upload.


This is pretty complicated stuff, and the wiki articles that describe what’s involved warn you of that. These following articles are relevant:

That said, after watching (and even participating in, to some degree :wink: ) your attempt to work through this yesterday on IRC, I respectfully submit that you not attempt this without doing considerable more learning and studying about the use of the shell and the processes involved.

I’m sorry, I can’t help you with it. :frowning:


nope., i hadda run chmod777 for it to work

apparently the uploader wont work unless its 777ed

im working on another solution now via a web based FTP client

I think that is a much better solution! :slight_smile: One hint - use one written in perl, to avoid the max_upload_filesize limit in PHP. :wink: Good Luck!


ive actually been reading through the wiki

im learning the shell very well lately, i just ran into some roadblocks.

great, now my siute isnt even loading


can somone restart apache

im getting a 500 error and didnt touch a thing