Running Perl script in browser

Okay, I hate to ask another “how do I make my hello world script work” question but it seems I have to.

I’m in the same position that some others here were but I didn’t seem to see the answer I was looking for in any threads. It’s my first perl script and it runs fine from the command line but gives me a 500 Internal Server Error in a browser.

I’ve opened up the permissions on the script to 775 and it’s in my domains root directory which is set to 755. Could someone please shed some light on why this won’t run in a browser?

Oh, and here’s the script:

use CGI;
$cgiobject = new CGI;
print $cgiobject->header
print “\n”;
$a = ‘Hello World’;
print $a."\n";
print “\n”;

Change the script to 0755 as well.

Thanks Will

That did the trick!!

Boy do I feel silly. :slight_smile: