Running NodeJS on VPS which Port?

I enabled NodeJS on my domain, and followed the instructions on the Dreamhost website.

The website is working now, but only if I specify the port after the url i.e.

This is how I’ve set it up in my NodeJS file:
app.listen(8888, '');

Now, I don’t know if I need to change my .htaccess file to remove the port from the website address or which port to pick for my website. I also have the free Dreamhost SSL certificate enabled, but the website only seems to work currently with http:// requests.

Any help here is much appreciated!

Just bumping this thread, I’m using NodeJS with Express by the way. Still didn’t figure out a way around this issue.

The Knowledge Base suggests enabling Passenger on the domain as a quick 'n dirty means of having the server hand off ports 80 & 443 from Apache.
There are 2 important gotchas of which to be aware:


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