Running .NET Core web applications compiled for Linux

I haven’t been able to find a clear answer on this. A .Net Core applications can be compiled for Linux systems but have some prerequisites to be able to run. I’m trying to find out before signing up with DreamHost on the Shared Unlimited plan if I’d be able to deploy and run my .Net web applications if they are compiled for Linux. When I asked Support I got the answer that the servers run Linux not windows. This would be an answer from someone unfamiliar with .Net Core which is understandable as it’s not well know by many people. Does anyone in this community have experience trying to run .Net core on DreamHost? If so what was your outcome?

I haven’t used .Net Core, but looking at its linux requirements, I suspect there would be trouble with libraries under DH’s Ubuntu 14 (current OS used on shared hosts). In particular, I don’t see the LTTng package.

Shared hosting is naturally a restricted environment with the following constraints:

  • Websites are served by Apache using CGI/FCGI for dynamic content (PHP/Perl/Python/etc)
  • No daemons (long running processes)
  • No root access

So .Net Core might have trouble with all of those constraints. Shared hosting is really tuned for LAMP sites.

You probably could run .Net Core on DH’s Cloud Computing servers, where you’d have full root access.

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