Running my own mail server

I have a domain that I am waiting to be unlocked from netsol. Unfortunately I did not check to see if it was locked before I went and had my DNS servers changed to dreamhost. So now I am not getting any mail delivered to my server because I do not have an MX record setup at dreamhost.

I have my own mail server that I run out of my house. I want to create an “A” record to that IP with a name of I have temporarily setup a catch-all address and forwarded it to yahoo in an attempt to recover any mail that will come in. That change is pending.

I am getting used to the web gui that dreamhost offers but the most I can tell is I need to go to the DNS tab under domains and add in an “A” record there. I tried to do that and it says it already exists. Is this because I have mail listed as a service under my domain?

Once my domain becomes unlocked, what is the least invasive way to have my mail route to a specific IP @ domain “”?

Any help is appreciated…