Running Invision Power Board (IPB) on DH

I need to move my site off my current web host because the MySQL settings don’t allow me to operate Invision Power Board (IPB) without having frequent timeouts or MySQL errors.

I’m trying to find anyone who may be running this message board software on DH, and what their opinion of performance is.

The IPB guys say I need:

  1. MySQL : interactive_timeout & wait_timeout=14400 or >

  2. Be able to disable mod_security.

  3. Have default PHP memory_limit setting of 90M or >

Anyone running this board? If so, are you happy with DH’s performance and what are your peak user counts (so I can gauge against mine…I can see up to 300 concurrent posters).


Here’s a long thread from someone running it:

And another query:


Hi Mike,
Did you end up running invision on DH? I am considering making an attempt at running it on DH and wanted to see if anyone was able to get it working on the shared hosting option.
Thanks for your reply.

I’ve been running one IBP install for almost nine years. I currently run two, total. Neither are all that busy, so whether it scales or not for your level of use is a different question. But as far as can you install a functioning board: yes.