Running executables

I recently purchased a license for Zoomify Enterprise ( for a project I’m working on. I need to integrate their image converter into my website.

The converter came as an executable as well as a CGI-BIN application compiled for Win & Mac + source (so I can compile it for UNIX, Linux, etc). Preferably, I want to run the converter through a PHP file. I first tried running the .exe via:
exec(“wine home/user/url/converter.exe {switch statments}”);
But it hasn’t worked for me yet. Since I’m not familiar with Linux, a good question to ask is - is wine included in debian? If not, do I need to (or can I even) install wine?

If using the .exe isn’t an option, I’ll have to compile the CGI-BIN application’s source for Linux…another thing I’m not familiar with. Help with this would be much appreciated if this is what it comes down to.

I’m really out of my element here - PHP is my forte - so any guidance would be excellent.



No, Wine is not enabled by default on any Debian flavor. In a web hosting environment you will never be able to, or want to run Wine. It’s a pretty big memory eater and requires root access (if I remember correctly).

What exactly are you trying to do? Just creating an app that converts images? You may want to look into both the GD and ImageMagick libraries via PHP to see what comes up for image conversion.

So wine - and therefore running any executable - is out of the picture. That is good to know.

The app takes very large images and tiles/resizes them to be viewed in Zoomify’s viewers (see for examples). The license came with an executable, .c source file, and a python script that each accomplish the conversion. I was able to get the python running through PHP, but also wanted to test the other options to see if they better in terms of speed/reliability.
It seems like python is the way to go. Thanks for the help.

Hi Cobra, Have you found the solution, I am facing same problem… Can you help me i need to run zoomifyconverter exe as batch file