Running an Executable via Shell

I downloaded khtml2png (, a linux program for taking screenshots of websites. I downloaded the static version and uploaded it to my webspace. I set the program to be executable (chmod +x khtml2png), but every time I try to run it (./khtml2png ms.png) I get the error “Segmentation Fault”.

I’m only a beginner with Linux, so I’m not sure what to try from here. I don’t know if I have to put the binary in a special directory or if I have to get any special permission from Dreamhost to run executables within my shell account.

Maybe someone could shed some light on this for me? :slight_smile:

khtml2png requires the KDE libraries (kdelibs). KDE is a *nix desktop environment so you probably won’t find it installed on a server (and it’s definitely not installed on the DH server my account is on). Something like this is really meant to be installed on a desktop system.

For something like this, you’re much better off installing something on your own system. I can personally recommend Paparazzi for OS X and I’m sure someone here can offer a similar suggestion for Windows.

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There’s a program called Webshot for Windows alright. I have managed to setup webshot on a Windows server before to automatically create screenshots of websites. I would be surprised if it wasn’t possible to do with khtml2png. It does say on the khtml2png site:

So, really, I should be able to use the pre-compiled version on the command line as it doesn’t have any dependencies, right? Maybe I’m not making any sense? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same impression at first but did a compile just to see. Evidently you don’t need the KDE stuff installed to set up the executeable, but it’s still necessary to do the actual capture ?!?. Once you enter the command line stuff a GUI window does actually pop up on the desktop, so I got the seg fault on my DH server too. Works cool on my Debian machine though.

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Well, there you go. Thanks for trying that out for me!