Running a program on a host

Hey there,

I need some help, i made a program with java if that matters and lets say its a instant messenger, its not but it works the same way. I have a server which handles everything that the client sends to it. Now everything works fine but i need to run the server on my computer. So i want to run it on my host so it will run 24/7. The server is just a program that gets the “messages” that the client enters, submit it to a database and output it to all the other clients. So how can i actually run that program so it works and handles everything on the host. I didnt upload it or anything but i think when i upload it to the host it will just be there without running.

Thanks in advance,

It sounds like what you want is a VPS from somewhere like DigitalOcean. I think you can create one for around $5.00 a month. It lets you choose which OS you want…Ubuntu will probably work for what you are doing.

You will then have to configure that to be whatever kind of server you need, such as MySQL and such. You have full access and can configure it however you want/need