Running a MUD?

I guess this forum is the closest fit for this question, if not, any mods can feel free to move it.

My question is if we’re allowed to run small, server programs that use very few system resources (A MUD server is specifically what I’m curious about) on our shell accounts. If not, does anybody know a way I could route traffic from my domain name to another box seperate from where my dreamhost page is hosted?

Also, out of curiosity, what do you guys use your shell accounts for other than editing/managing files?


That won’t work, since this would only affect web traffic - that would give you an HTTP redirect from the web server, rather than creating a DNS record to the appropriate IP.

You [original poster] could create a subdomain like “mud.[domain]” pointing to an outside IP address (through the DNS control panel if you have access, or by asking support to add it).

In my experience, provided it doesn’t cause problems, a MUD is unlikely to get killed, but there’s no guarantee it won’t (whether or not it causes problems).

Loading huge databases may choke PHPMyAdmin, but the command line MySQL client on shell accounts works great. It is quite fast too.

When debugging scripts, being able to cat (or tail) the error.log file comes in handy.