Running a java server

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Hey everyone,

I seem to be running into a weird issue and I was hoping someone could help me out. I put on my VPS a server (which is really just a java program that listens for incoming connections on a specific port) , which uses a postgreSQL database for it.

Everything gets installed and runs perfectly fine… only for about a month or so… and then all of a sudden everything just dies. The server just stops working/running and when I try start it up again the postgreSQL database has been deleted. I cannot log into the user account postgres (which is the account for the database) because the password does not work…

Has anyone ever had any issues or experience with this? I need to fix it but no one seems to have a solution to it…



Write this in to DreamHost Support right away and we’ll take a look.


Where is the Dreamhost Support forum?


It’s not a forum, but here you go: