Running a Cron Job every 1 minute

Hello, I am using Cron Jobs to interact with a game’s API. I need a cron job to run every 1 minute in order to update the game’s “server clock” variable. When I try to set up a cron job in dreamhost for every 1 minutes, it gives me error “Too many minutes selected!\n”

Is there a reason why I cannot do this?
If I create multiple cron jobs to execute the same task (at a slightly different URL) in a manner that I can have cron jobs running every one minute, is it breaking the terms?

eg. if manipulate the restrictions to run a cron job every 1 minute, am I breaking any rules or terms of Dreamhost?


I don’t believe per-minute cron jobs violate DH’s terms of use, as long as they don’t use too many resources (CPU, Mem, etc). In the past I’ve had long-running per-minute cron jobs (e.g. fetching a webcam image).

The Panel’s Cron Job section is a simplified interface to cron, and doesn’t support setting up every-minute wild-cards, and other cron features. I suspect the limitation you ran into is just to prevent accidental per-minute jobs being setup by inexperienced users. As you say, you may be able to work-around/bodge the issue by creating multiple jobs in the panel.

To access all of cron’s features, you can login via SSH and use the crontab command:

An example per-minute crontab line would be:

* * * * *        ./
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