Run! Dreamhost Complaints

I left Dreamhost’s service 8 months ago for a long list of issues and I happen to notice they charged my account again the other day for another year of service even though my account has been closed for that long. I ask them for a refund and they’ve taken 2 days to review the account and still haven’t figured out what happened… It looks like they’re finally going to refund the money, but not after 20 emails. If you leave them you might want to put a stop payment on any charges from Dreamhost.

If you’re considering hosting with them, RUN!

I know this thread is old however…

It’s not uncommon for systems to have issues, I’m currently having issues with Vodafone after I found out that they were charging me for a service that didn’t exist at all - and they’re still arguing the toss over the refund even though they don’t have an account for me!

Infact, try dealing with SAP!

It has to be said though, that this does sound like a very rare issue indeed, and even though it’s taken some digging on their part, Dreamhost have resolved it for you.

Without knowing specifics it’s hard to comment on your experience, but I’ve been a customer for nearly 6 years, and when I’ve had a problem, mostly one’s I’ve created myself, they have been swiftly and professionally resolved.

So not only am I staying, I would highly recommend the service :slight_smile: