Ruby program wont run (happy hosting)

Hello guys,

I’m new when it comes to rails and I’m trying to run a simple program. I followed the wiki made my app and I created my files inside the folders.

I linked my app to a folder inside my website folder, and I can see I did that right as it created the folder and when I visit it it shows me the following rail message.

but when I try to launch a file thats part of my app I get an error.

I asked my professor and he sat with me trying to get it to work, he told me I should restart my server but as a happy hosting user I don’t have access to a restart. Do you guys think I’m doing something else wrong?

Is it possible to run ruby apps as a happy hosting customer?

What instructions did you follow to set up a Rails application?

We recommend that you use Passenger to run Rails applications. Keep in mind that this will require that your application be installed to its own domain (or subdomain) — Passenger applications cannot be installed to subdirectories.